Noomi elected member in new think tank

Yesterday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music announced the first elected members of their new youth academy ”Unga Tankar om Musik” (UTOM), and we’re very happy and proud that our General Manager Noomi Hedlund is among the chosen few!

Swedish National Television reported on ”UTOM”, quoting Benny Andersson:

”UTOM will be a new and constructive force in the cultural debate. I am convinced that UTOM will be an important cross genre workshop and think tank in the music community, says Benny Andersson (famous composer / songwriter and former member of ABBA), mentor of the project.

The members of the academy are:
Kristin Amparo, artist
Isak Bergström, accordeonist
Anna Christensson, pianist
Robin Cochrane, percussionist
Noomi Hedlund, producer
Karin Hellqvist, violinist
David Huang, pianist
Filip Jers, harmonica player
Adrian Jones, violast
Jacob Kellermann, guitarist
Behrang Miri, artist
Sara Parkman, violinist
Linn Persson, saxophonist
Anna Petrini, recorder player
Sirintip ”Tippan” Phasuk, artist
Sarah Riedel, singer
Jonathan Wettermark, music educator

This will be fun!

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