Jaerv house band for SVT’s Midsummer Celebration!

We are so proud to announce that Jaerv will be the house band for the annual Midsummer Concert on Swedish National Television!

This year’s midsummer concert comes from beautiful surroundings in Mollösund, located in the Bohuslän archipelago. Once upon a time, Mollösund was Bohuslän’s largest fishing location, now it’s a pleasant summer idyll and the place for this year’s idyllic midsummer concert.

The music group Jaerv plays and sings innovative folk music with influences from pop and jazz, and a line up of other artists will perform our most beloved traditional summer folk ballads, interspersed with new classics. And all of this is underscored by the sound of the ripples of the waves, and the smell of the salty sea.

Other artists performing include Timo Räisänen, Andrea Jayakrishna, Simon Damoah, Emelie Sundborn, Sara Axelsson och Daniel Norberg.

The concert will be broadcast on SVT 1 on Midsummer’s Eve, June 19th at 8 pm (GMT +2), and can of course also be found on SVT Play!

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