More great E.S.T reviews!

The praise of the new album ”E.S.T Symphony” keep pouring in from all over the world! Here are some of the latest quotes:

”žAn honourable postscript, executed with style. / * * * *”
– The Times (GB)

”žSensational orchestral versions of songs by the groundbreaking trio e.s.t. / * * * * ”
– Record Collector (GB)

“A heartfelt way to pay homage to Esbjörn Svensson. / * * * * “
– The UK Vibe (GB)

”žA carefully, beautifully produced suite of tunes which fully preserves their strong melodic content while dramatically expanding their presentation.”
– The Jazz Breakfast (GB)

”žA musical monument.“
– The Panoptic (GB)

“Höchst differenziert, in impressionistischer Manier, mit seidigen, flirrenden Farben, weiten Räumen und gegenstrebigen Bewegungen. / * * * *, Audiophiles Highlight des Monats.“
– Stereo (DE)

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