The COVID-19 pandemic has left no one unaffected, and for the culture sector the consequences have been devastating on a global scale. But despite the live performance sector basically having been given an indefinite ban, we at On a Boat have managed to stay stable and persevere through the ongoing turbulence.
However, the past months have given us time to reflect on the future and the well-being of our artists as well as the company altogether. Our first priority throughout this time has been to take the utmost responsibility for our amazing artists, all of which we’ve worked with for several years.
After almost 10 months of restrictions, we realize that it is unfortunately no longer possible nor sustainable for us to continue working with a strong focus on artist representation. We have therefore felt compelled to end the collaboration with the majority of our artists, for whom we are grateful and proud to also call our friends. It has been a difficult and sad but necessary decision.
Apart from artist representation, On a Boat Productions is (and has always been) very active within consulting for long- and/or short term projects. We will continue to do so, and the survival of the company is in no immediate danger.
On a Boat enters 2021 with great humility and high hopes. Stay safe out there, keep social distancing and keep the faith! Don’t forget that his too shall pass.
And to all the artists we’ve had the privilege to work with the last five years, we’d just like so say: it’s been an honor.
All the best / On a Boat Productions (Noomi, Håkan and Rebecka)
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