Hans Ek receives the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s first annual Grand Music Award!

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) has decided to draw attention to a significant artist within music by setting up a large award of SEK 300,000 to be given annually, this year (2021) for the first time.
The award will be given to an active and cross-border artist within music, with a significant artistry and who adds new dimensions to the art of music as well as inspires the audience and new generations of artists to come.
As the first ever recipient, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee has chosen arranger, composer and conductor Hans Ek from Uppsala, ”for his art of music – a passionate melting pot of unexpected encounters, historical resonance and unique soundscapes. Hans is a musical bridge builder who creates new solid paths both internationally and artistically.”
From the Swedish Arts Grants Committee:
Hans Ek is an artist who seems to hear opportunities in everything, who is passionate about honesty and who creates brilliant music, no matter what basic material he uses.
He possesses the ability to seamlessly connect the past with the present, and different musical worlds with each other, which has given him a significant place in Scandinavia’s orchestral life.
Under his artistic direction, widely differing actors and concepts have had the opportunity to meet the sound world of the orchestra – ranging from opera, jazz and chamber music to electronic dance music, kraut rock and art pop. He is highly respected as a conductor. Unmistakable, surprising and smart in his voice as an arranger. Although he is best known for these professional roles, he is also active as a composer.
Hans Ek has an extensive body of work with many parallel collaborations, all while his creations are characterized by both a big heart and a vivacious intellect.
In addition to the award, Hans receives a framed diploma designed by the illustrator Helena Shutrick.
We at On A Boat Productions are incredibly proud, and CEO Noomi, general manager Håkan and social media director Rebecka wishes to congratulate Hans on this big occasion. Apart from being a brilliant artist who never ceases to amaze us, we know him as a great collaborator and colleague, and a lovely person!
Photo: Anna Drvnik / Konstnärsnämnden
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