Artist Postcard with greetings from our dramatic soprano Åsa Jäger!


Greetings from me to you all!

I was supposed to have spent the spring of 2020 studying repertoire in Vienna, but the world wanted differently. I managed to get there once in January, and came home just in time for the pandemic to be a fact around the world.

But don’t worry about me! I live in a village in the Swedish countryside, so social distancing is something I’m used to already. I spend my time practicing, studying roles and preparing myself for rehearsals and competitions that still seem be able to be carried out. I’ve also had time to give a window concert in Linköping!

In addition, I have finally recorded a few new arias, which will be appearing on my website ( shortly. There are always things to do, and I know that this time of self-reflection and practice will make me a better artist! But with that said: oh, how I long to create music with other people!

I have worked with On a Boat Productions AB since 2016, and look forward to many years to come!


Best / Åsa Jäger


Curious about Åsa Jäger?

Read more about her HERE!

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