World Premiere of Sandström Piano Concerto

Yesterday, On a Boat attended the world premiere of Sven-David Sandström’s piano concerto “Five pieces for piano and orchestra”, with soloist Peter Friis Johansson and Gothenburg Symphony Orhestra, under the baton of Mario Venzago. Dagens Nyheter was also there, and Martin Nyström writes:
…it is made up of long, wavelike movements where individual outbreaks of force [brass and percussion] mostly seems to give room for next time waiver aftermath. And it’s incredible nice, as a listener, to be carried away. Especially as the chamber music’s shimmering lyrical dialogues between the brilliant Peter Friis Johansson at the piano and the orchestra gives place for breathing”…”Each set ends with the wave motion on the top of the piano as the last instrument, at the very top of the treble. Just within what is physically audible. Where the music ends, or where it joins the universe. Fantastic!”

Read full review (in Swedish):

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