Hans Ek to Bråvalla Festival!

It’s finally official!

This summer – on July 2 – Hans Ek and the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra will perform on the main stage at Bråvalla Festival! This will be the first time Hans presents and conducts his brand new concept and arrangements: Dance Music Symphony – ”DMS”. In connection to the concert, the new album with DMS (recorded in the autumn of 2015 with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra) will be released on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other music services. The album has been recorded in collaboration with X5 Music Group.

Hans has long been  faschinated by the electronical dance music:

It’s instrumental without an artist or singer in focus. The music has long lines where it is about the dramaturgy and creating energy.

Karin Veres, Artistic Director at the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, is excited about finally be able to present this project and Hans Ek’s arrangements at Bråvalla:

The musical material we bring to Bråvalla is very ’hot’, and we’re looking forward to meeting a dancing audience.

Read the entire article in Corren via this link.

Other artists that will visit Bråvalla Festival 2016 are Rammstein, Mumford and Sons, Tenacious D, Veronica Maggio, Bullet for my Valentine, Icona Pop, The Sounds and many, many more…

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Web-link for ticketing: www.eventim.se/bravalla

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