Great review of Park’s ‘Salut d’amour’ in Gramophone

Violinist Sueye Park recently released her second album on BIS; this time with pianist Love Derwinger. Charlotte Gardner from Gramophone listened to it, and was ”taken”, praising Sueye’s superb playing!

Take the Elgar title-piece, which comes without a hint of whimsy, coquettishness or vulnerability but is instead unfussily cloudless, singing and rubato-light. Or the pure, sure tone with which she sails into her programme opener of Sarasate’s Introduction et Tarantelle, before moving into a Tarantella whose consecutive double-stops are weighted to perfection between strings as well as against each other, and where beauty of tone holds true even through its highest-register fast passagework.

…the rounded, ringing sweetness she brings to Variation 2’s sky-high melodic line is stunning”…”the dynamic distinction she gets between Var 4’s left-hand pizzicato melody and its bowed broken-chordal accompaniment. Most of all, though, listen to the coda: double-stopped harmonics delivered with a tonal quality that’s almost more akin to the notes produced by running a wet finger over a crystal glass than to horsehair meeting wound metal, contrasted by the intervening down-bows and runs. It’s strikingly fine. As indeed is Love Derwinger’s fused partnering throughout. In short, I’m properly taken with this one.

Read the full review here!

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