Bowie Berlin Trilogy with Hans Ek+GSO – SOLD OUT!

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Magnus Carlson, Moto Boy, Jennie Abrahamson, Gothenburg Symphonic Choir and conductor / arranger Hans Ek will perform music from Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy, with a natural finale in Where Are We Now from 2013, where he looks back on his time in Berlin.

The music was made with producer Brian Eno in a creative explosion where the Berlin Wall became a symbolic watershed for David Bowie’s creativity, going from punchy pop tunes to symphonically coloured, electronic music. Heroes gave a whole generation a voice.

“Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy is a milestone in contemporary music. It about time that it made its way into the orchestral repertoire, as it’s an enormously influential work of our time”, says Hans Ek.

All three concerts in Gothenburg in October are already sold out, but there are still tickets available to the concert in Berwaldhallen / Stockholm in December (extra concert will be released soon due to popular demand).

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