Amazing response after ”Bowie” in Berwaldhallen

Last weekend, Hans Ek performed 4 sold out (!) concerts of his concept ”Bowie – The Berlin Trilogy” at Berwaldhallen Stockholm, together with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and soloists Magnus Carlson, Jennie Abrahamson and Moto Boy. The critics are amazed, with great reviews in Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet. Dagens Nyheter wrote:

Breathtaking Bowie Interpretations.

And Svenska Dagbladet wrote:

Standing ovations at Berwaldhallen for the art music interpretation of Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. The arranger Hans Ek has delicately transferred the pop star’s music to the symphony orchestra.”

Also, yesterday it was finally announced that Patti Smith will perform Bob Dylan’s ”A Hard Rains A-gonna Fall” during the Nobel Prize Ceremony. The song has been arranged by Hans, and will be performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In a statement, Patti writes:

I chose A Hard Rain because it is one of his most beautiful songs. It combines his Rimbaudian mastery of language with a deep understanding of the causes of suffering and ultimately human resilience.

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