Sjöströmsalen Artisten, Fågelsången 1, Gothenburg

Sunday, November 6, 6 pm

Jaerv and On a Productions are proud to present Jaerv’s third studio album, ”Under den linden”!

The award-winning Swedish quintet Jaerv, present an extroverted, vigorous and heartfelt folk music with influences from both jazz and pop music. Since the group was established over 10 years ago, they have toured in the US, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and not least Sweden, and released two studio albums. They recently returned to Sweden after their third successful US tour, and later in October / November they will perform in Spain and embark on a long concert tour in Japan.

Together, the five members have created a homogeneous, vivid sound, which has established Jaerv on the folk music scene as well as in many other forums. Rooted in several different musical traditions, Jaerv offers a varied stage performance where vocal, five-voiced tunes blend with energetic dances and free improvisations. They are known for their captivating live concerts and the unique mix of vocal and instrumental Nordic folk music is as evident as ever on their latest album, containing both newly written and traditional songs.

We hereby invite you to the Swedish release concert in Gothenburg. During the evening, Jaerv will perform music from the new album, mixed with a few songs from their old albums and tours. After the concert, the party continues with dancing and more live music!

Don’t hesitate to contact On a Boat Productions (info@onaboat.se) for free tickets and more information

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